Fashion caps that you need in your life

This is absolutely crazy but it is true. I did what I have been dreaming of for the past 10 years. I launched my own brand! Brand of super cool fashion caps that go with everything. Meet VIDIÉ!

My dreams came true

I feel like I have been in blogging world for such a long time and I wanted a change. A new thing to work on, to pour my creativity in and something that will not be only mine. But yours too! Because you all made my dreams happen by following me and giving me courage to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you!

vidie caps for women


So I have been really loving caps as an accessory for a long time but I saw that everyone have been doing them in the same way. And I wanted to do something different! The first collection was created to 100 % match my style that you all know and love. Which means that if you like to dress minimal and you have closet full of basics that from time to time you want to elevate, then VIDIÉ fashion caps are just the caps for you.

VIDIÉ caps are made of 100 % organic cotton. My favourite way to describe them is that they feel like that true retro caps that they wore in the 80s and 90s. They are super soft, have somewhat of that raw look of cotton that won’t ever make your full outfit seem overdone.

Is VIDIÉ for you?

Yes! Caps are made to match every single style and mood. Honestly, they really go with everything. Need some inspo? Check some of  the styles below. <3 To start on the right foot, we are having a launch offer: FREE SHIPPING when you order 2 or more caps with code FREE. SHOP HERE.

How to style caps?

Scandinavy cap worn with navy suit:

How to wear fashion cap with suit and sneakers, princess diana style outfit, navy suit

Blondes cap style with Frankie shop skort and blue shirt:

frankie shop skort, dark beige cap and shirt outfit, VIDIÉ fashion cap blondes

Health society cap worn with Frankie shop trousers and black blazer:

VIDIÉ fashion cap Black society, how to wear black cap with suit

Favoured cap worn with grey suit:

retro red fashion cap, how to wear grey suit with sneakers

The ultimate minimal basic outfit worn with Health Society cap:

most popular instagram outfit with jeans and white shirt and black cap VIDIÉ

Troblue cap worn with Djerf Avenue pants and blue shirt:

djerf avenue favourite trousers, blue shirt, vidie cap outfit, minimal style

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Umm… Revolve Ambassador Program??

If you are an influencer, you have probably heard of Revolve… and their famous Revolve Ambassador Program! I have been a part of it for a really long time. Why do I love it? It is super easy to use, simple and straight to the point. So what is it all about? You basically earn commission from every sale based on links that you use and share on your social media.

My favourite way to use it? Apart from sharing my styling of the clothing they sell (like in this post), I also love to share my favourite pieces from Revolve that are on my wishlist. I pop it on my IG stories and my followers can shop through the link. When they purchase something, I earn a bit of commision and they get their new beautiful Revolve clothing.<3 Wan’t to be a part of Revolve Ambassador Program? You can sign up now, it is free. And safe! Sign up HERE


jacket- L’Academie (HERE)
trousers- L’Academie (HERE)
bag- Prada
sneakers- Nike Air Force

Revolve Ambassador Program, L'Academie Acton pant

Revolve Ambassador Program, L'Academie Addie jacket

That Instagram outfit that you need to wear right now

For the past months I have received a MILLION requests for details of this specific outfit that I shared on Instagram. It has been shared so many times on the Instagram and I can not believe how many of you saw it! It is still one of my favourite stylings that I did and that I will probably wear for years to come. I combined one of my favourite jeans, a classic white top and oversized white shirt. Tip: You can also use men white shirt.

To me this is the ultimate outfit that I could wear all the time and never get bored. You can mix and match it with different bags and shoes and get a whole new vibe each time. Or you can switch it up and get the jeans and black shirt and tank top version of this outfit that I also shared on Instagram. Colour matches are endless!



jeans- Levi’s (HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE)
shirt- HERE or HERE
tank top – HERE or HERE or HERE
sneakers- Nike Air Force (HERE)

denim and shirt outfit, katarinavidd instagram outfit, levi's ribcage jeans
denim and shirt outfit, katarinavidd instagram outfit, levi's ribcage jeans
Check my Levi’s denim jacket outfit HERE.

the perfect nude suit for women

Nude suit is a must have in every closet. Such a staple! I have been browsing through Revolve the other day, found this gem and fell in love. The perfect oversized blazer and matching trousers. Just what I like. I had to match it with my Chanel bag. It is actually a makeup bag but it still looks so good, right? Ahhh, my favourite combination as of lately.


blazer- L’Academie (here)
trousers- L’Academie (here)
sneakers- New balance 550 (here or here)

L'ACADEMIE dylan suit, nude suit for women, oversized blazer, chanel bag outfit

L'ACADEMIE dylan suit, nude suit, oversized blazer, new balance 550 navy

L'ACADEMIE dylan suit, nude suit, oversized blazer, chanel bag outfit

Shopping at Revolve. What did I get?

Revolve always has some amazing pieces that you can’t find in other places so it has become one of my favourite stores to shop. They also always have the most amaaaazing selection of jeans, so many different brands, from Levi’s to Girlfrnd, Agolde, WeWoreWhat etc. To get to the point, one thing on my wishlist was a nice blue sweatsuit and while I was browsing their store a few weeks ago and I found one in the dreamiest blue colour. The material is so nice, almost feels like vintage and it truly feels super nice on the skin. Definitely get yours if you are on the hunt for the perfect sweatpants and sweatshirt set.


joggers– Revolve Sixthreeseven
sweatshirt- Revolve Sixthreeseven
sneakers- New balance 452

katarinavidd sixthreeseven blue jogger sweatpants suit, minimal, retro sporty style

katarinavidd revolve sixthreeseven blue jogger sweatpants suit, minimal, retro sporty style, new balance 452

And while I was at it I also got my first pair of Grlfrnd jeans. The most perfect fit ever! Perfectly highwaisted and nice material for summer.

denim shorts– Revolve Grlfrnd
sneakers– Nike Air force
blazer– Arket

katarinavidd katiquette grlfrnd denim shorts, perfect highwaisted denim shorts for summer, revolve jeans, revolve review, arket hoopsack grey blazer, minimal style outfit

katarinavidd katiquette grlfrnd denim shorts, perfect highwaisted denim shorts for summer, jeans, revolve review

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Trinny London cream makeup. Is it worth it?

Cream makeup is huuuge at the moment and I am totally here for it. I just love how cream makeup gives such a natural finish which. While browsing for some good options I stumbled upon brand Trinny London and I had to give it a try. Since it it not the most affordable I was wondering… is it worth it?

What have I tried?

BFF De-Stress tinted serum in Jemima

I always start with foundation so let’s start with that one. When I have good skin days I always prefer a tinted serum for a sheerer coverage. The BFF De-Stress tinted serum did not disappoint at all. Colour Jemima is a perfect colour match for me (I am usually 110 in Maybelline Fit me foundation). It has a good staying power and a super nice hydrating feeling, also I did not get shiny through out the day which is one thing I always search in foundations. And regarding the coverage- I find it quite buildable so I don’t mind wearing it even on bad skin days.

Just a touch concealer in Lulu

Lulu is the lightest shade of Just a touch concealer. It is thicker at first but I find that it spreads quite fast and it is not super heavy on the skin. I absolutely love the coverage that it gives me but I even more love the highlighting effect. Since I purposely picked the lightest shade I was kinda expecting it but still. Definitely worth a try if you love that Kim Kardashian under eye highlight.

Flush blush in Katrin

This cream blush is one of my favourites. Shade Katrin is a stunning dusty rose shade which I find super flattering on my skin tone and I love it for the very natural finish. I usually pick it up with my fingers and then spread on my cheeks with Beauty blender and this works perfectly for me. It stays on the cheeks for super long time so I always opt for Flush blush when I know I have a long day ahead of me. By the way, I often use it on my lips too and I love the matte look of it. In love!

Eye2eye in Faith 

The easiest cream eyeshadow there is! I picked the neutral shade to achieve the natural makeup look and it worked soooo well. It spreads so easily on the eyes, it is buildable so you don’t have to pack a bunch of pigment on the eyes right away and it is also very blendable so forget about the unblended lines. Eye2eye comes in a lot of shimmer shades and Faith is matte.

Lip2Cheek in Freddie

Best for last. I was searching for that perfect “sun kissed” cheek colour and when I saw Lip2Cheek in Freddie on Trinny London website I knew this could be it. This is a stunning terracotta shade (I am wearing it on cheeks and lips on the photo). It blends into the skin so effortlessly despite it being a deeper shade and you can easily sheer it if you want. It leaves a bit funny feeling on the lips, almost like you don’t have any lipstick on but it still covers full lips in this beautiful colour. And it lasts for a very long time. Honestly, I am so impressed by this, a must have colour this year.

trinny london, makeup stack, natural makeup look, trinny london review
One of the best part of Trinny London is that all shades are stackable. You can build your stack with all the things that you need and you are good to go.

cream makeup, eye2eye, cream eyeshadow, cream blush, just a touch concealer, freddie lip2 cheek blush, katrin cream blush

trinny london de stress tinted serum jemima swatch, trinny london just a touch concealer lulu swatch review
Bottom swatch– Just a touch concealer in Lulu; Top swatch– BFF De-Stress tinted serum in Jemima

trinny london cream makeup, eye2eye, cream eyeshadow, cream blush, just a touch concealer, freddie lip2 cheek blush, katrin cream blush


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Oversized trench coat that you need

One of my must haves in 2021 is definitely trench coat. But not just any trench coat. The one that you are seeing all over Instagram. The Mango oversized trench coat is the one that I been eyeing since it came in store. Such a perfect sage colour, great oversized fit and just the right length. I have been searching for trench coat in that colour for a while and just haven’t found one in any store, not even vintage store. So I am definitely loving this one. Grab it before it sells out! I got mine in size XL for extra oversized fit.


Get the look:

oversized trench coat- Mango
joggers– here or here or here or here
sweater– here or here
sneakers– Nike Air Force 1
bag- here or here or here

katarinavidd, mango oversized coat, sage trench coat, mango trench coat, green trench coat, sweatpants and coat style outfit, joggers outfit

katarinavidd, mango oversized trench coat, sage trench coat, mango trench coat, green trench coat, sweatpants and coat style outfit, joggers outfit