How to wear: pointed loafers vol.2

Don’t you just love the simplicity of pointed loafers? Basically you can wear them with any outfit, casual or more elegant. But I know that it is hard to find a good pair. Basically I was searching for a good pair for ages. Zara finally came out with a perfect one but I am afraid that they are almost sold out already. Some size will probably pop up once in a while so it doesn’t hurt to check. Find the link below! Well anyway. I love to wear them with bomber jackets or with more elegant trench coats. They practically suit every outfit. I found some other options below. A lot of people are wearing Gucci loafers or something similar, also with fur inside… not my cup of tea!  

shirt- Asos
bag- Zara (old)
shoes- Zara (or HERE or HERE or HERE)

Tip Tuesday: Oversized shirts.

My fondness of the oversized pieces has been mentioned many times and I would love to prove it once again. Just love a shirt that has a nice weight to it. It means it will fall down easily without dancing around too much. From my experience it is quite hard to find a good one on a budget. So I always wait for a good old sales day. Online you can get your usual sizes on sales too but in real stores there are only bigger sizes left. In my opinion this is even better! I don’t like when people are afraid to try on a shirt because the tag says Large. Just try it on, tuck it in your pants, pull some out and it just might look even better than your usual size.

shirt- Zaful (or HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE)
pants- Asos
glasses- Tijn Eyewear

How to wear: men shirt.

It’s finally Fri-yay! This week has been the longest. I just want to sleep! All day every day. The weather is also not helping, every day is so dull and dark, for extra sadness nature also likes to give us rain some days. To crack this pattern I went in with some light clothing. Old white shirt and my favourite Levi’s jeans. Also I’ve sold my Mango pointed flats a while ago because they were just too stiff and I found these ones! Luckily I got them before they were sold out. But still they are really soft and that equals comfiness in my dictionary. Finally a perfect pair. 
So to keep up with the post title… I am sure you have some old white shirt from your dad or maybe even boyfriend, husband. Perfect time to make a good use out of it! Oversized shirts always look on point especially if you use some tricks. Tuck the bottom part in your pants and puff it out, roll up the sleeves, you can even make an off shoulder shirt out of it. Doesn’t it look cool? But if I wear really large shirt I like to balance it with a pair of slim/skinny pants so you don’t loose your body shape if that makes sense. 

vintage shirt
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
belt- ASOS
pointed flats- Zara

Sock boots and men bomber.

Here it is, my first Ego pair of boots. And a perfect Yeezy season 2 dupes! Except in black. Which is even better. I have them in nude too but prefer the black. Otherwise great quality if you have been wondering. And very comfortable since they are kinda stretchy. Another awesome thing about this one is also this bomber jacket. And it is from men section! Would you even guess? I don’t think soooo! One of my favourite jackets to wear ever. Way more comfortable than almost any women jacket I tried. Maybe a good option for tall women with wider shoulders too. I went for size S and it fits perfectly. I would be comfortable even with bigger size since I love oversized clothing. 
khaki bomber jacket, sock boots, yeezy season 2 knit boots, yeezy dupes

daniel wellington watch, asos mom jeans, ripped jeans outifit

sock boots, yeezy season 2 knit boots, yeezy dupes


Fall picks: Oversized knit.

Colder days equals warm chunky knits. I am reviving my closet right now and I found a bunch of awesome sweaters at H&M. Their premium collection is basically new to me because they don’t really sell it at stores in our country and they started shipping to our country just a few months ago. So their jumpers look so great, I want them all. Actually I ordered one from their premium collection and just waiting to arrive so I really see the material up close. Gotta check if it is worth the money before you get any other! Check below for some of my favourites.

1-here, 2- here, 3- here, 4- here, 5- here, 6- here

Basics with a twist.

From pantsuit in the last post to the most casual outfit ever. But with a little twist, red lipstick. Well actually it is strawberry red but hey. I love wearing different shades of lipsticks, matte trend hit me hard. But I am not here to talk about lipsticks and makeup, check my Instagram for more photos of that subject (yesss, just do it do it do ittt :)). 
So this was officially one of my favourite photoshoots ever. Perfect lighting, perfect jeans. No stress just fun. At least for me, ha! That white watch really poped out on the photos well, it is so lovely. I paired everything with a sweater which is (again) from the H&M men section. You would not believe how much men pieces I own. And I wish more women would check that section. Last time I found a beautiful men bomber jacket at Asos and gave it a go. Went for size S and it fits me like a glove. But the main reason I love a lot of men pieces is the fabric. Men clothing fabric is thicker a lot of times jackets are warmer than women version of the same jacket. So for a woman that gets cold quickly like me, that is a win! 🙂
sweater- ASOS men
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
shirt- ASOS

Nude pantsuit.

Addicted to denim or not, you need a little break from jeans once in a while. I just LOVE wearing pantsuits, especially to work. You look put together right away. Not like you can not with jeans but pantsuit just gives that grown up vibes, don’t you think? I snatched this one at Asos. Pants are just like they were made for me. Perfect fit, gorgeous high waist. There is not a lot of times that I can find a pair of pants that fit a tall woman perfectly.
Also I got the pleasure of getting to know the new collection from Urban watch through this white on white beauty. What a nice watch! The biggest difference from all others I see in the wider strap plus it has no stitches on it. Fab.


Double white.

A little throwback to the summer time which wasn’t a long ago. Now it is cold as hell in the morning, quite nice in the afternoon and we are right back to the cold part in the evening. Don’t really know what to wear that time of the year if I am honest. 
A lot of summer outfits from the basic section can be worn in colder days too. Just throw some coat over and that is it, you don’t really need to think a lot. Or maybe layer it, I would put a sweatshirt underneath the vest and a coat, ready to go. 
jeans- ASOS
top- ASOS
watch- Daniel Wellington
sunglasses- ZeroUV

Red bandana sweet Louisiana.

Taking this fall outfit waaay back to the 90’s! Red bandana, HUGE vintage denim jacket and sock boots. Add a little of your boyfriend sweater, wear it as an oversize piece and that’s it! While I am waiting for my Yeezy inspired booties I gave these ones another go. I really love sock boot trend. There are women that made their own sock boots and they basically put a sock over their pumps. It looks good on photos but I don’t think it is very appealing in person. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
So here I am wearing another men sweatshirt about which I was talking in the last post. I hope you went and checked the men section in any store! Basically I got a men jacket at Asos and I was sure that it won’t fit but surprise surprise, it fits, ha! I can’t wait to show it to you. If you are tall and have wide shoulders as do I… men department is definitely wort to check. 

jacket- vintage
pants- ASOS
sweater- ASOS men
boots- Bershka

Selena Quintanilla x style file.

Mac came out with Selena x Mac edition and I feel like every one has been talking about it… and her! It is amazing to see that after all this time she is still influencing a lot of people. As it is right! She seemed like a great woman and it is really sad what happened to her. To me she is a queen of red lipstick and highwaisted pants! I guess that was just the era of mom jeans and disco pants and she rock them good.  
selena quintanilla, red lipstick, style