Layered necklace

Stores all over are selling these stacked necklaces and chokers and I have to admit, it got to me too. They look so good with basic looks or with deep plungline. I especially love the H&M collection, so versatile!



necklace- here or here
jeans- ASOS (here)
shirt- Neon Rose (or here)
sneakers- Vans (here)
bag- Steilheit Paris
watch- Daniel Wellington



Champion has became quite trendy on social media and it got to me too. Those old school brands get under your skin in a second! It’s all about old school sweaters and shirts and tracksuit.



shirt- Champion
pants- Asos (here)
jacket- Levi’s vintage (here)
sunglasses- ZeroUV
bag- Parfois
sneakers- Superga


Sneakers with skirt

Sneakers and skirts are almost always such a heavy combination. I always wanted to wear them but I did not find the right combinations. Lately I have been enjoying them with my low Converse! Why did I not buy them sooner? Definitely a good summer piece investment.

Check my other denim skirt look here.

skirt- Anita and Green (here or here)
shirt- ASOS (here)
sneakers- Converse (here or here)
jacket- vintage Levi’s (here)

Instagram hyped: 750€ Gucci belt

Gucci belt is so hyped right now, it is everywhere. Instagram is full of it, Pinterest too! It is truly a classic statement piece, definitely a great investment to make. But lets be real, if you are on a budget this is for sure a pass. You have several sizes and prices but the largest one costs nearly 700 €. Insane! But I guess this is a cost of owning a high end piece. The middle sized one is 350 € and the smallest one is really affordable, only 250 €! Joke aside, this will probably be a timeless piece in your wardrobe if you decide to get it. And imagine you can pass this classic piece to your daghter one day!

Gucci belt- HERE or HERE or HERE


Levi’s 505.

In flood of 501 Levi’s I decided to go with 505 for a change. Not for any other reason than the price was quite good for them at the time, ha! All Levi’s jeans look good, lets admit it. These are straight fit and lower waist than the legendary 501 but still similar enough to enjoy them as much as your 501. They don’t stretch as much and can be quite stiff but they give me that old school 90’s rock vibes especially with rips. Can you just imagine wearing them 30 years ago, riding your bike, with some round glases and bandana? Hell yea!


jeans- Levi’s 505 (here or here or here)
shirt- Bon Jovi concert tee (here)
sneakers- Converse (here)