New in: VANS Old skool

Vans sneakers are truly iconic and their Old skool model is really a special one. I was really hesitant to get them and I will be honest I was starting to digging them when I saw all those outfit photos with them on Pinterest. After all we all need some kind of inspiration right? But since then I am hooked! They really look cool af! Check them at Blue tomato, you will get a good deal on them!




3 ways to wear fishnet stockings.


We all know you can wear fishnet stockings with a nice skirt and all but there are more fun ways to wear them. In colder days you probably won’t wear skirt but you can pair fishnets with nice ripped jeans. Or with highwaisted pair of pants and nice cropped shirt or sweater. These two ways are definitely the easiest. One way I am really into lately is a combination with knitted dress and over the knee boots. It looks so good! Check my combos down below, let me know what you think! I was never really into fishnets really but I am obsessed with a subtle peek of stockings in outfits. Especially if it is done tastefully! It is so easy to look way off with those kind of accessories.

Fishnet x Vans.

Vans sneakers all over the Instagram! That Old skool model is so popular but I am just not feeling it. That white stripe is kinda too much, the model reminds me too much of my high school days, ha. So I got all black Antwood deluxe model. They have that beige tag but I can survive that little detail.  I combined them with another trend, fishnets. It came out kinda ok, what do you think? I just love fishnets under ripped jeans. In a minimal way but still. 

fishnet stockings- Lasula boutique or HERE or HERE or HERE

September favourites.

A bomb of my current favourites! A white watch from Urban watch is my newest addition and a nice change from the black ones. This one has nice wider strap and what I absolutely love about it is that the strap does not have stitches on the side. It makes a total difference and even more minimal style. 
Another favourite is Gucci perfume. I am a Gucci girl when it comes to perfumes. This one came out not long ago and I was dying to get it but the price tag… uf! Luckily I got it with a nice discount in Müller. I don’t really like to spend a lot of money on perfumes nor I collect them as a lot of women do. I just grab my favourite and I am good for a looong time. 
urban watch london collection, all white watch, gucci bamboo perfume, tijn eyewear, round glasses, flat lay

urban watch london, white watch, round glasses, tijn eyewear

Red lips combination.

I rarely wear red lipstick because so much of them makes my teeth damn yellow! The Kylie lip kit in red shade was supposedly blue based and I had to try it. Surprisingly it doesn’t look that bad. I also have very fair skin and this one is really pigmented so it really pops on my skin. Teeth problem is not really solved but it is a bit better. Anyway I would probably be afraid to wear that shade during the day and scaring everybody, ha. It also leaves a line inside of the lips so that’s not that good too!
I am slowly getting ready for out Italy trip!  Where will be a lot of crop tops and Levi’s jeans and sunglasses! These ones are a large round ones from Tijn Eyewear. Check ’em out.

Mary Jo K, kylie lip kit review, kylie cosmetics, levis 501, tijn eyewear, minimal

jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
shirt- New Look

Ultimate basics x White Converse.

Are you a black or white Converse person? Well I always tought that I am a black one. But apparently I am a white too! I finally found some love in my heart for the white pair and I can not tell you how much I love them. I guess the love will turn in to a bit of hate when they get dirty but anyway, ha! I got them for a great deal on Asos site. I have gone through quite a few Converse pairs and I always try to find a good deal on them. But this pair was actually the first one that I bought online, who knew. But when you know your size there is no limits. When you get a good deal just take ’em! They are legit ultimate basic piece.

Carli Bybel x Missguided.

Have you heard of it? I’m sure you did! Carli Bybel collection with Missguided was sold out and I got one piece, who would have thought. I could have gotten more but not a lot of the pieces were really my style. The colour selection on the other hand… heavenly! A lot of blush, nudes, khaki, greys… perfect colour scheme. This ribbed blush dress caught my eye instantly as an every day wear option. It is actually claimed as a nude dress it is more of a light blush than a nude colour, you can even see it on the website as that. 
This one runs quite true to size, maybe a bit tight because the material isn’t that stretchy that you would’ve expected. But at least it is long enough for tall girls like me. She also has a rose gold jacket which was sold out immediately. I have almost the same jacket but in blush colour and it was a perfect colour match. I always wanted to be a cotton candy for a day.