shirt- Zara (or here)
bikini bottoms- Pour Moi (here)


Check this bikini bottoms also styled HERE.

Gucci inspired t-shirt

Apart from social media famous Gucci belt and loafers there is also that tee. Tee that everyone wants. So simple but so desirable. Simple logo tee can make such statement but of course the impact is even bigger if it says Gucci on it. But the price tho… up in the sky. Luckily there is a bunch of “dupes” floating around and I gathered some of my favourites below.



jacket- Levi’s
shirt- Missyempire (here or here or here or here)

Proper way to style dungarees in summer

Still going strong with beach outfits up here meanwhile everyone else getting their knit game on. I can’t help it! Still so much summer to share and hopefully making summer a bit longer in everyones mind. This time was the first time I actually wore a dungaree. I mean I had it on before but I was not actually wearing it if that makes sense. I felt sooo good pairing them with that bomb bikini.  I bet you noticed it all over instagram this summer. Every girl was wearing a pair of sporty striped bikini and they all looked good af.




dungarees- H&M (here)
bikini- H&M (here)
watch- Daniel Wellington (KATIQUETTEBLOG = 15% off)
sandals- Asos (here)


Beach comfort

Guys… this watch! Retro in a modern version. It was love at first sight. I remember when I was young someone from my family wore this kind of strap and this is why this is giving me so much vintage feels. I had to have it. Overall it is a nice addition to my collection and totally different from all the rest you are seeing over the online stores. Definitely grab it for some diversity in your collection.




watch- Rosefield (here)
bangle- Rosefield (here)
shorts- Levi’s 501 (here)
shirt- H&M (here)

Check Levi’s 501 styled also here and here.

Minimalist on beach

The time has come for my summer vacation finally! Apart from my last year Sardinia vacation I have never been to italian beach before. Who knew it is so beautiful! I was collecting swimsuit for the past months and this one mush be my favourite. Look at the texture! Asos always has some great own pieces. Also the bottom falls just below the waist so if you are uncomfortable to wear those exta highwaisted bikini bottoms this might be just right for you.




Dress shirt- H&M (here)
Bikini bra- ASOS (here)
Bikini bottoms- Pour Moi (here)
Sandals- ASOS (here)
Basket bag- French baskets



queen of basics

Slowly transitioning into fall wardrobe with these long jeans. But before full closet transformation I still have my summer trip ahead of me. Very soon and I am very excited. This summer has been so exhausting and it for sure will be relaxing to sleep in for a week after so long. Laying around all afternoon. Join me! I can’t wait to share special moments with you on my Instagram. Follow follow follow!



jeans- ASOS (here)
shirt- here
sneakers- Converse (here)


Check these sneakers styled different way here.

oversized linen

One material that I enjoy in summer time is definitely linen. Such a good material for hot days especially if you want to hide yourself from the sun. Maybe not so much for the pants but dresses and shirts are definitely a way to go through summer. And while summer is slowly ending my real summer vacation are yet to come. Soon we will leave for some italian beach life and I am sooo excited. Bikini and summer dress shopping is in full swing on my end.



shirt- H&M (here)
shorts- here
sneakers- Converse (here)
sunglasses- ZeroUV