90’s vibes

I got so used to this awesome denim from Levi’s that I neglected the other ones in my closet. Now I got to try Missyempire brand and I was so sceptical about their clothing. It looks so good online but when it comes to denim you just never know. I got this black denim jacket from them and I was really suprised about the quality. It came quickly in the front of my closet. Just look at those sleeve rips.



shorts- Asos Mom (here)
top- Asos (here)
sunglasses- ZeroUV
belt- here
jacket- Missyempire (here)

That round basket bag

If there is one trend that I am really enjoying this summer it’s got to be basket bags. Such a nice summer piece, totally beach vibes and you can bring that vibes to the city if you like. I found the perfect one, great quality, perfect size. I don’t really like that huge round bags. It has to be the right size. Even the smell of mine is amazing, that beach palm smell. Natural materials are the best.




shorts- Levi’s 501 (here)
shirt- H&M Men (here)
flats- ASOS (here)
sunglasses- ZeroUV
bag- French baskets




The day when I was born 26 years ago has arrived and this year I just need to tell you about my gift, I got the best one ever. These sneakers man… the bomb! A few months back I was watching Forrest Gump once again after a few long years and these sneakers caught my eye in a sec! What a classic piece and totally retro look. I fell in love. But did not act on it because you know sometimes you just need stop with all the shopping. But yesterday I got my gift and my sweet man got me these Nike Corteze sneakers… boy oh boy! Nothing makes me happier than a nice vintage looking piece.




sneakers- Nike Cortez (here)
shorts- Levi’s 501 (here or here)
blazer- H&M (here)
shirt- ASOS (here)




Denim skirts are everywhere! Don’t you think so? I am quietly obsessing over them and I am so happy to see them all over social media, it is giving me so much inspiration. It is really a basic piece so you might sure invest in it. It will for sure be around for a while. Also it pairs perfectly with my Ellesse shirt. How amazing is it? So basic but so unique at the same time. I love the fit and the colour coordination. Love at first sight! I would love to know what your favourite logo shirt is!



skirt- Verge girl
shirt- Ellesse (here or here)
slingback flats- Topshop (or here)
bag- Cais 




Wearing men clothes

My all time favourite trick to get that ultra oversized look is to borrow some men clothing! Or better- to buy it. You have many styles that looks awesome as oversized piece on a woman body. I have so many men pieces in my closet simply because it is more budget friendly to check their racks than to search for women oversized clothing- in many cases if it is labeled “oversize” it also means more expensive. But totally not worth it in my opinion. And another benefit- men clothing is usually made from stronger, more compact material and it looks better in real life and in photos.




shirt- ASOS men (here or here)
shorts- Levi’s 501 (here)
sneakers- Vans (here)



How to look tall AF

Clothes are great for faking being slim or tall or short or whatever you like. If you want to look tall af my best suggestion is to snatch your waist with a highwaisted short skirt or shorts. That elongates your body in a sec. I remember I always wanted to seem shorter than I was when I was younger. Growing up being so tall is not great especially when your long arms and legs are basically floating around your body in teenage years, no head or tail. But when your body develops you learn to appreciate your body and to be as you are, wearing what you want and being who you are.



skirt- Verge girl
shirt- ASOS (here)
boots- EGO 
bag- Cais


Ultimate lazy outfit

There are lots of days when you just don’t give a damn what you will be wearing the whole day. When  this happens to me I usually wear something like this. While everything is very basic I finish the look with a statement jacket which is also the most basic of the basics but in oversized version which adds that extra something to outfit. Don’t want to look dull no way ma’am.





shirt- ASOS (here)
pants- ASOS  (here)
jacket- Levi’s vintage (here or here)
sneakers Converse (here)
bag- Steilheit Paris
sunglasses- ZeroUV