Grey x khaki.

As much as I love black and whites, grey and khaki can not be forgotten. These jeans are just so good, Asos really know how to work their magic. Perfectly fitted, high waist, uf. If I remember correctly the model is called Ridely. Apart from that one, their Farleigh model is a pure perfection too. So with so skinny jeans the best option is to balance it and wear your shirt or jacket loose fit!
So right about now I was supposed to be in my favourite London city and thanks to French strikes my flight was cancelled. I have never experienced such thing and it is completely and utterly bad. Friday flight was sold out so we got Saturday flight just before this one was sold out too! I mean, what is happening! So now I am going to spend two days less in this magical city. Freakin #life.  
Maybe you are a minimalist like me and you don’t wear jewellery like…ever! But I discovered one awesome label with such clean cut and minimal rings that I had to get them and try them out. Also I got you a 20% off code! Use “KATIQUETTE” at Rachel Jackson London (here). <3

Jacket- Bershka Men
Shirt- H&M
Jeans- ASOS
Heels- Glamorous