90′ style picks x shorts.

Here we are back in the summer time! I love 90′ so I tried to find some denim shorts in that style. I am dying to get them, really. Longline and highwaisted, sing me up please. Some of them below are just normal highwaisted shorts but hey, you need any kind if it will be that hot outside. Most of them are from Asos because I just love their store. So many pieces to choose from!
So when I check up 90′ style I always end up at Bon Jovi style files. When they were young of course! I am a huuuge fan of them and if I could live my teenage years in the 90’…..boy oh boy!

1- here, 2- here, 3- here, 4- here
5- here, 6- here, 7- here, 8- here