Battle of Bastards.

My ultimate life goals in one photo. London, Levi’s, sneakers and messy hair. Or at least the last three parts like every day. Basically once you start a job you become really limited at wearing stuff if you don’t want to change clothing after work. I mean if you live in the suburbs. I have a new pair of ripped jeans and where am I actually going to wear them? First world problems. Basically these are my favourite photos from London regarding the city streets. I meannnn how cool is this one? Bricks and whites and blacks, uhhh. Maybe I can build my London street here in the old little Slovenia.
Also can we talk about the latest GOT episode? Hands down the best thing that has ever played on TV in the whole history of TV. 

Jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
Jacket- Zara
Sweatshirt- H&M Men
Sneakers- Adidas
Backpack- Humanic