Classic London.

The shopping in London was pretty bad meaning we were exploring the whole day and in the evening we were beat. Try to shop like this! I couldn’t even walk properly. The only thing I could do is stand in front of a make up stand because you don’t have to move a lot, ha! Too many and too big clothing stores to check them properly. So because of that we went on a little trip yesterday in Austria and I could actually get some nice clothing for a change. And of course some makeup! I became such a makeup junkie, so many great items in stores. Not really in Slovenian stores but anyway.

Jacket- Bershka Men
Jeans- ASOS
Sneakers- Converse All star
Backpack- Humanic
Phone case- Snupped (here) 

Weed chocolate.

Again at it with the chocolate! This time I had to pair it with some personal style because that’s just how it is. I love food, I have to say and at chocolates it doesn’t stop. So this one is really interesting, it is actually a dark chocolate with cannabis! I was dying to try it. I was expecting a bit bitter taste but it was actually pretty good to eat. I was expecting a bit different taste but you can not taste so much weed. So I think it is more like a great idea for a gift. Actually my mother brought me a cannabis lollipop a few years back and it was disgusting! I can not even tell you. So I am happy that this black beauty is eatable. I would probably die to get it as a gift, crazy good!
//Spet malo čokoladice, malo za spremembo ampak  itak jo je bilo treba vključit v all black outfit. Tko k morš jest, se morš tut oblečt, spada skup. Spet sem z veseljem preizkusila, okusila novo čokolado, tokrat s konopljo, kajjj. Poizkusila sem že liziko s konopljo in to je bila ena izmed najbolj nepozabnih izkušenj v mojem življenju. Z eno besedo- zanič. Ampak na srečo čokolada ne spada v to kategorijo. Sicer nisem toliko okusila konoplje, tako da se mi zdi ta čokolada res bolj top ideja za darilo kot pa za dnevno uživanje. 

Temna čokolada s konopljo- TU (click click)

How to pack minimal.

Big Ben and Westminister, we had to visit it again. Gorgeous buildings but way too much people. I wonder when there was a last day that there was less people. Maybe in winter? But anyway, we walked so much in London I was even short with power to go shopping. First world problems.
So when traveling I am always with small suitcase so I try to pack lightly and efficiently. This means a few pants and lots of basic pieces like tees and casual jackets. Also two pairs of sneakers! For a week of exploring the city this is more than enough and you are comfortable all the way. You can mix and match! And also you save some extra place in the suitcase for your new purchases, yeah!

Jeans- Asos
Jacket- Zara
Sneakers- Converse
Watch- Daniel Wellington
Backapack- Humanic

A touch of colour.

Last week I met up with Parfois, Sportina ladies and they were really kind. I got this perfect summer bag with beautiful letter from Parfois. Oh, this brand! I really love their bags, there is always one that stoles my heart. Mostly black ones but once in a while it is good to get yourself a nice colourful one also. So this one is from their new collection, all colourful like Porto is!