Striped knot.

So summer is here and I have been posting all covered up outfits. Well of course there is not summer and that hot everywhere! But anyway this black denim skirt was on sale and it was such a bargain. Perfect for summer. Sales are everywhere now but I like most the Asos sale, guilty! Their stuff is just too good. But if you’re on a really small budget you might want to go through your parents wardrobe. From when they were young-er of course! You can find such cool stuff there, let me tell you! Totally worth to check. 
Another thing if you’re on a budget. These fab heels are from Rosegal store and I know you might be sceptic as was I because it is a Chinese store but for once I gave them a chance. They are really comfy and soft AF. I think there is a little foam in the sole! Not disappointed at all!

shirt- vintage
skirt- Anita and Green
bag- Parfois