Vintage jeans.

Vintage jeans on the rise! I hope you are as obsessed with them as am I. High waist, a bit looser… oh! They totally remind me of the 90s and how cool it would be to be a teenager in that time. But we can not change that so I had to bring a bit of that vibes into my life now. 90s fashion is a big inspiration to me but I only incorporated it in my style in a way of high waisted jeans, a bit of Chucks and stuff like that… have to go bigger!
Vintage Levi’s 501 & vintage Casucci

Birthday gal.

I had my birthday last weekend and now that I am getting older I realise why some women say they are 25 all the time, ha! I don’t want to get any older! But anyway, it was an extra day with the love of my life and it’s all good. And of course a large red roses bouquet! Dreams come true, for real. <3 Basically it was now the first time ever that I went on a vacation that early. I had to soak up some sun and salty water. Croatia is really beautiful. Surely not the last time I will be seeing Croatian sea this summer! 

shorts- Levi’s 501 vintage
sneakers- Converse
shirt- Adidas
sunglasses- ZeroUV

Feminine suit up.

I always wanted a good suit and since Asos always has the best sale I found a good option for those working days. Linen suits are perfect for warmer days when you have to dress up a bit. Some nice glasses help a lot to get a classy look. I’ve got my first glasses a few years ago but never wore them. So now I have these huge ones and they are perfect! I wanted to look as retro as possible. In London I watched Nothing Hill once again and he had these metal round glasses. Big inspo! Bt I will have to wait for a while before I get one more pair of glasses, ha! While talking about Nothing Hill, we visited the Nothing Hill doors from the movie. Something to remember but if we wouldn’t know the address we wouldn’t even know they were the it doors. 🙂
I am sure you have seen this kind of stiletto heels over many blogs and there is a reason for it! How gorgeous are they! I’ve been wanting them for a while and now Zaful has them in their collection. 

glasses- Replay
shirt- ASOS