The most beautiful lipstick in the world.

I am seeing it everywhere over the internet so for the first time I am making a different post. I love makeup but I don’t post about it, I don’t see a point in mixing clothing and makeup. Sooo this lipstick, how amazing does it look?! Jelly with inserted flower and pieces of what it seems like pieces of gold. It looks even more mesmerizing when you see it in person. It smells good, nothing special, not particularly chemical. You have more shades to choose from, mine is called Barbie doll powder.
On the lips it comes out nicely pink and it gets more intense in the first minute. Everything seems fine except the taste is absolutely gross, even to me. Smell is nice, but taste… oh boy. No thanks. So basically I will have it as something to look at, as decoration as it is really pretty.
Kailijumei lipstick, colour changing lipstick, jelly lipstick

Kailijumei lipstick, colour changing lipstick, jelly lipstick
Find it here- Kailijumei

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