Why you should become minimalist.

A lot of times it is best if you don’t think too much when you are getting dressed. That way you look more relaxed and your morning doesn’t start with stress right of the bat. What’s better! That’s why I like to keep my closet pieces simple and simply organised. Among that come a lot of basic tees and now that a few years has gone by I can say I don’t really miss any colourful shirts and blouses. I don’t feel myself in them. When I was younger I always put my outfit out in the evening for the next day, ha! Oh, I don’t miss these days. Better to just throw on what you feel like the first thing you open the closet doors! You save on time, money, energy, you feel much better. Nuff said!

shirt- Asos
skirt- Anita and Green
sunglasses- ZeroUV (here)