Band tee.

You know about that band shirts trend? Well I have a fave band and I said to myself if I am doing this I have to do it right. They only sell Metallica or Guns’n’roses etc. band shirts and I don’t really care that much about them to wear them. So I went ahead and made my wish come true, ha. I always wanted a good old Bon Jovi shirt and finally I have it to hand it to my children one day. It is a concert shirt from 1995. On Wembley stadium they had one of my favourite concerts. What I would give to be a silly teenager in that time! 
So basically they are my fave inspo for the days I really want to be my true self. Some extra shades help too so with a bit of ZeroUV help I got to made this ultra rockish look. 

shirt- Bon Jovi vintage concert tee
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
choker- DIY
sneakers- Converse
sunglasses- ZeroUV (here)