Canadian tuxedo x 90’s style.

Double denim strikes again. 90’s vibes again! I live for double denim back then, a bit of Levi’s and a huge denim jacket. Probably my next outfit, yes, ha! So chokers are so popular right now, who would have thought. I remember back then when those stretchy children chokers were very hip. I prefer the current version if I am honest. And you can find a billion version everywhere. I went to give this casual widthone a try. And now I am in the search for the double one. You can easily make it as a DIY project, no problem! Just some shoe laces… I did a DIY here on the blog a while back!
So something really exciting is happening! And I can’t wait to show it to you. It has literally been my dreams to do this. Stay tuned! <3

shirt- H&M (old)
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
bag- Parfois