Sock boots.

I got a little into fall wardrobe ideas already. I’ve been seeing sock boots everywhere and I love them so much. I am searching for a low heel pointy model, hard to find, gotta say. But I have these ones from last year, uf I was searching for them a long time. And now they are everywhere. I already posted some dupes for those famous Kanye West sock boots, they are gorge. 
Even with one leg in fall I am still very much in summer because I am leaving for Sardinia in one week and I can’t wait. I have so many swimsuits now, uf. Just found the most perfect ones last week on my trip to Italy, nice bandeau model but with full structure underneath. I don’t really like swimmies with only thin foamy small cup underneath so that was a nice discovery. Follow me on Insta to get a glimpse of them next week when I get there. Yeah!