Unusual combos x Blazer and shorts.

It was about time to find place in my closet for a white blazer. It is such a basic piece and gives much bigger impact than a black blazer and the colour is much better for summer and spring days. But in winter I like to stick to a bit darker colours. Let me tell you about VIPme store, the place where my beloved blazer came from. They have a bunch of Asian clothing brands but don’t let this fool you and I don’t mean these cheap dupe stores. Legit fashion brands and they are for sure worth to check them out.
If you are following me on Instagram you already know that I discovered a brand new glasses brand called Tijn eyewear and I am really excited about it. The price is a bit higher but still not THAT high. The quality is amazing, they come nicely packed with large case. I am now a proud owner of a few of their glasses and I love to wear them. They don’t give me that feeling that they will broke right away. Don’t want this to sound like an ad or sponsored post because IT ISN’T, ha! 

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levi's 501 vintage shorts, denim jeans shorts, katiquette

shirt- ASOS
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
sneakers- Adidas
blazer- VIP me (here)
sunglasses- TIJN Eyewear (here)