Black and white combination.

And we are back! This vacation was so good, so chill I can not even believe. I never thought we will have such a nice time down there. Island life is a life goal for me, really. When were just at the beach almost every day, we didn’t have internet except at the tourist office… life went so slowly but in a good way, I was really feeling like we are having a quality time together. But then one day we went for a billion hour drive and the day ended in a snap so this was a day I would skip today. And now here we are back in Slovenia, working in the morning and everything, time flies and we basically live to work and not the other way around. Hate that.
White high waisted jeans are still one of my favourites. This outfit is from before my vacation and I can not wait to take photos of some new clothing! So many new things in my closet.