Basics with a twist.

From pantsuit in the last post to the most casual outfit ever. But with a little twist, red lipstick. Well actually it is strawberry red but hey. I love wearing different shades of lipsticks, matte trend hit me hard. But I am not here to talk about lipsticks and makeup, check my Instagram for more photos of that subject (yesss, just do it do it do ittt :)). 
So this was officially one of my favourite photoshoots ever. Perfect lighting, perfect jeans. No stress just fun. At least for me, ha! That white watch really poped out on the photos well, it is so lovely. I paired everything with a sweater which is (again) from the H&M men section. You would not believe how much men pieces I own. And I wish more women would check that section. Last time I found a beautiful men bomber jacket at Asos and gave it a go. Went for size S and it fits me like a glove. But the main reason I love a lot of men pieces is the fabric. Men clothing fabric is thicker a lot of times jackets are warmer than women version of the same jacket. So for a woman that gets cold quickly like me, that is a win! 🙂
sweater- ASOS men
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
shirt- ASOS