How to wear: men shirt.

It’s finally Fri-yay! This week has been the longest. I just want to sleep! All day every day. The weather is also not helping, every day is so dull and dark, for extra sadness nature also likes to give us rain some days. To crack this pattern I went in with some light clothing. Old white shirt and my favourite Levi’s jeans. Also I’ve sold my Mango pointed flats a while ago because they were just too stiff and I found these ones! Luckily I got them before they were sold out. But still they are really soft and that equals comfiness in my dictionary. Finally a perfect pair. 
So to keep up with the post title… I am sure you have some old white shirt from your dad or maybe even boyfriend, husband. Perfect time to make a good use out of it! Oversized shirts always look on point especially if you use some tricks. Tuck the bottom part in your pants and puff it out, roll up the sleeves, you can even make an off shoulder shirt out of it. Doesn’t it look cool? But if I wear really large shirt I like to balance it with a pair of slim/skinny pants so you don’t loose your body shape if that makes sense. 

vintage shirt
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage
belt- ASOS
pointed flats- Zara