How to wear: pointed loafers vol.2

Don’t you just love the simplicity of pointed loafers? Basically you can wear them with any outfit, casual or more elegant. But I know that it is hard to find a good pair. Basically I was searching for a good pair for ages. Zara finally came out with a perfect one but I am afraid that they are almost sold out already. Some size will probably pop up once in a while so it doesn’t hurt to check. Find the link below! Well anyway. I love to wear them with bomber jackets or with more elegant trench coats. They practically suit every outfit. I found some other options below. A lot of people are wearing Gucci loafers or something similar, also with fur inside… not my cup of tea!  

shirt- Asos
bag- Zara (old)
shoes- Zara (or HERE or HERE or HERE)