Double white.

A little throwback to the summer time which wasn’t a long ago. Now it is cold as hell in the morning, quite nice in the afternoon and we are right back to the cold part in the evening. Don’t really know what to wear that time of the year if I am honest. 
A lot of summer outfits from the basic section can be worn in colder days too. Just throw some coat over and that is it, you don’t really need to think a lot. Or maybe layer it, I would put a sweatshirt underneath the vest and a coat, ready to go. 
jeans- ASOS
top- ASOS
watch- Daniel Wellington
sunglasses- ZeroUV

Red bandana sweet Louisiana.

Taking this fall outfit waaay back to the 90’s! Red bandana, HUGE vintage denim jacket and sock boots. Add a little of your boyfriend sweater, wear it as an oversize piece and that’s it! While I am waiting for my Yeezy inspired booties I gave these ones another go. I really love sock boot trend. There are women that made their own sock boots and they basically put a sock over their pumps. It looks good on photos but I don’t think it is very appealing in person. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
So here I am wearing another men sweatshirt about which I was talking in the last post. I hope you went and checked the men section in any store! Basically I got a men jacket at Asos and I was sure that it won’t fit but surprise surprise, it fits, ha! I can’t wait to show it to you. If you are tall and have wide shoulders as do I… men department is definitely wort to check. 

jacket- vintage
pants- ASOS
sweater- ASOS men
boots- Bershka

Selena Quintanilla x style file.

Mac came out with Selena x Mac edition and I feel like every one has been talking about it… and her! It is amazing to see that after all this time she is still influencing a lot of people. As it is right! She seemed like a great woman and it is really sad what happened to her. To me she is a queen of red lipstick and highwaisted pants! I guess that was just the era of mom jeans and disco pants and she rock them good.  
selena quintanilla, red lipstick, style