Red bandana sweet Louisiana.

Taking this fall outfit waaay back to the 90’s! Red bandana, HUGE vintage denim jacket and sock boots. Add a little of your boyfriend sweater, wear it as an oversize piece and that’s it! While I am waiting for my Yeezy inspired booties I gave these ones another go. I really love sock boot trend. There are women that made their own sock boots and they basically put a sock over their pumps. It looks good on photos but I don’t think it is very appealing in person. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
So here I am wearing another men sweatshirt about which I was talking in the last post. I hope you went and checked the men section in any store! Basically I got a men jacket at Asos and I was sure that it won’t fit but surprise surprise, it fits, ha! I can’t wait to show it to you. If you are tall and have wide shoulders as do I… men department is definitely wort to check. 

jacket- vintage
pants- ASOS
sweater- ASOS men
boots- Bershka