Oversized camel coat.

Camel coat strikes again! So cold lately and from all the stores I found H&M to have one of the prettiest camel coats. Depends from what you are searching for but if you are after oversized and comfy coats this one might be the one for you. It is really important to me that it is partly made from wool and this one has it all. Total package, yesss yesss. I linked it below if you might be interested and also if you subscribe you get a discount so you can snatch it for 60 €. Dope, right?
Alsooo I am really happy to get to know Parfois new collection through this black beauty of a bag. They are one of my favourite bag brands truly. You might expect that for the price they look cheap but in my opinion quite the contrary.

shirt- ASOS
pants- ASOS
glasses- Replay
hat- H&M