That basic mohair sweater.

Another shopping day Cyber Monday and another normal post from me! While everyone was posting their shopping lists and best deals I was just trying to keep it normal. It was crazy on every web page anyway! Oh the fun materialistic world. 
And another day another outfit full of basics. This mohair sweater is somehow really popular, it was sold out quite fast. Truly one of the best basic pieces in my closet so it was definitely worth to get it. In this fast fashion world you just have to stay true to yourself and don’t slip into trends too much. The amount of money you can spend it just crazy. My best piece of advice is to get only one or two trendy pieces and the rest of them just basic essentials. If you think about it you can wear the basics even for ages but trendy pieces… probably not.
hm mohair turtleneck sweater, kylie lip kit pumpkin matte lipstick, leather jacket

leather jacket- New Yorker (old)