True chunky knit.

Fall pieces continue… and also I am slowly getting ready for winter because you know… winter is coming! Oversized knitwear works in both seasons of the year and if you like basic pieces you better invest in ones that are a bit higher quality. As I stated in my previous posts this year I decided to to invest in some oversized heavy knits that are maybe a bit more expensive that I would usually pay. And they are totally worth it. This one from todays outfit especially. I mean look at it! So large and thick. It for sure gives you something for the price. They have it in nude and grey colour too… serious temptation! You know you like something when you want it in every colour, ha!
So since the american election is over I can tell you a fun fact. Since a lot of you don’t know where I come from… I am from the same country as future american first lady Melania Trump! Gotta be quite something to come from here to the White house.

loafers- Zara