Best winter sweater?

Best freakin’ sweater EVER! Do you know when you just want a really warm sweater for cold winter days but somehow companies are just selling you that thin knits? I know. Well sometimes you have to check that sweaters with a higher price tag but that is not always the solution! Sometimes they are even thinner. What the heck! I noticed this sweater while browsing through H&M online store and then on blogger Pepa Mack website (love her!), looked kinda cool, oversized, thick. Everything was in stock, nice. Got black one, fell in love, then got this grey/nude one and fell in love once again. This sweater is SO warm, just what I have been dreaming of all these years. This grey one is 100% wool and interesting enough, the black sweater is 95% wool. Does not seem much but in my opinion the texture is very different between the black and grey one even though they are selling them as the same sweater, different colour. Also the size is WAY different between these two. Grey one is actually a size bigger on label but in reality it is smaller.