How to wear: Logo shirt.

Don’t you just love a good “There’s something about Mary” hairstyle and basic logo shirt from your favourite brand? This is one of the options on how to wear a logo shirt. It is such a nice addition to an outfit instead of just a plain white or black shirt. Currently I am only missing a Levi’s t-shirt in my logo shirts collection and then it will be complete. There is always that one more piece that you want, magical never ending circle. 
I also wanted to show you how to wear a pieces from men section! Once again I am wearing two items from the men section, shirt and belt. I was looking for a wider belt for a while but of course they make kinda thinner for women and also the prices for wider ones are quite high. But when you look at the men selection… cheaper belts and usually better quality. Asos especially has a great lengths of belts. I take the XS one and it fits perfectly. Doesn’t hurt to check men pieces once in a while! 
converse shirt, There's something about Mary hair