Best way to pack for travelling.

Another one of my travelling outfits. This was our last day in Vienna back in December and we visited Belvedere palace. Gardens always inspire me most! And baroque style, love it. Rich interior, marble rooms, extravagant chairs. So inspirational! So anyway while travelling it is the best to dress really comfortable and also simple! I always pack basic pieces so I can easily combine them and dress different every day of the travel. I think this is the best way to make different outfits and still look dope af. Because who doesn’t love basics? My favourite way is to switch up coats or other outerwear and make a difference that way. And shoes also! But if you are travelling with one luggage piece, maybe make a 2x2x2 if you are going away for a few days! Two pairs of pants, two pair of sweaters and two pair of coats or shoes. Mix and match and you will be surprised at how many outfits you can make that way! 

sweater- H&M Premium