Why I wear similar outfits every day.

Recently I saw a video by ATTN shared by Facebook page 1 million women about wearing the same outfits for a longer period of time. Before that they also shared a story about a woman wearing exact same outfit for three years. And for some reason I started thinking- that is me too! A year ago I read in one forum where they are chatting about some bloggers that I wear similar outfits on my blog and that this is sometimes boring! I thought to myself why is there anything wrong with that? I would love to inspire women to be more comfortable to wear similar outfits and to actually wear similar outfits!
I don’t wear exact same clothes every single day, I even don’t remember when I wore exact same outfit twice. As a blogger I am blessed enough to own quite some clothes so I like to really wear them, test them, feel the material. But for most part I wear similar types of clothes. Today I will wear this coat with that sweater and these jeans. And this pattern is repeating almost every day.
Why do I do it? For sure you have to love what you wear and you have to be comfortable in outfit that you are wearing but somehow I appreciate my time in the morning when I have to get dressed. My only stress in the morning is now which lipstick to wear that day which is honestly more fun than stress. I spend less time in front of my closet, I don’t have to hurry up that much anymore. I would urge you to find your perfect outfit combo if you are into stuff like that! Maybe I can inspire you with my simple and minimalistic outfits. One day you can wear your puffer jacket with you favourite Levi’s. Next day wear it with your Asos jeans. Wear the same sweater, who cares! 

jacket- vintage
glasses- Replay