Sneakers with skirt

Sneakers and skirts are almost always such a heavy combination. I always wanted to wear them but I did not find the right combinations. Lately I have been enjoying them with my low Converse! Why did I not buy them sooner? Definitely a good summer piece investment.

Check my other denim skirt look here.



skirt- Anita and Green (here or here)
t-shirt- ASOS (here or here)
sneakers- Converse (here)
jacket- vintage Levi’s (here or here)

6 thoughts

  1. Oh wow, I love the new layout of your blog girl ! It is amazing, love the scroll <3 Also, I feel the same way ! My Nike Roche runs I thought would be amazing with skirts but they feel too bulky, I may have to invest into some converse because they look amazing !


    1. Thank u so much Jessica! Means the world!
      Converse are slim enough to be paired with anything, indeed.

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