My first Balenciaga bag

Boy oh boy, my first Balenciaga bag! It is just a little pouch but still, haha! Wish I had their everything! I snached a good deal on this little pouch on Ebay (you can really find good deals up there!). I really love their canvas bags but I have 99 problems and money is one of them in this case, haha. Anyway Balenciaga canvas bags really had their moment on social media, every blogger had one. Minimalist especially. And I can totally understand why, it really looks perfect with any look.





pouch- Balenciaga (Favourites here or here or here or here or here)
blazer- H&M (here)
jeans- Levi’s 505 (similar here or here)

How to wear dungarees in winter

Topping my retro obsession with some good old dungarees. When I was younger I never really wore dungarees so I have a lot of catching up to do, ha! So I thought it seemed so perfect to combine them with extra oversized jacket. I think everything looks 100% better when you add an oversized jacket to it. This one from The Cords seems perfect. It is made from corduroy and lined with faux fur- perfect for cold winter days!




dungarees- Liquor&Poker (here or here)
jacket- The Cords
sneakers- Superga (here)
t-shirt- ASOS (here)
bag- Camelia Roma

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Most famous Instagram H&M coat

It takes you just one swipe across your fashionable Instagram feed to spot this coat! This is how popular it is. Everyone has this H&M wool coat, making their take on how to style it. I bought it on Cyber Monday because it was heavily reduced (I am cheap AF, I know). But now that I have it I can really tell it is definitely worth the original price or even more. It is authentic italian material with 78 % wool- how crazy! This is the most wool I have in any of my coats and I am usually very strict about this. To get such a classic and quality coat for that price is definitely worth to take a look. It comes in oversized but I was really hesitant about the size. I am quite tall and always opt for larger size (with this one I went with 38, I could easily go with 40). Also sometimes it seems sold out but sizes keep poping up because of the returns- keep checking!




coat- H&M (here)
sweater- H&M (here or here)
pants- Asos (here)
watch- Daniel Wellington
bag- Camelia Roma
sneakers- Vans Old Skool (here)

Minimal outfit for winter

Best part of winter are definitely clothing layers you can wear. A nice basic shirt with warm knit topped with beautiful coat. Can outfit get better than this? I don’t think so! Maybe you can add a nice denim jacket under the coat too. The more layers the better. If you choose right materials, patterns and colours you can build up a nice minimal outfit. Because I think if you want to dress minimal you definitely need to take advantage of materials and shapes instead of colours. This season I especially love baker boy hats. Such a perfect addition to any outfit. And Asos has it in stock again! Check link below.



baker boy hat- Asos (here)
jeans- Asos Farleigh (here)
coat- H&M (here or here)
knitwear- H&M (here or here or here)
t shirt- Zara (similar here)
boots- Mass (similar here)
bag- Camelia Roma

Corduroy clothing is back- but how to wear it?

Corduroy is coming back big time! I got hooked on it while watching Stranger things but it was on runways before that. But in Stranger things they are all wearing corduroy! Especially Nancy, she has some nice outfits there. They are basically all wearing such cool outfits, it is driving me crazy! I got so much inspiration from that series for the future. Can’t wait to make it all happen. Corduroy is such a classic but old material and it brings that 80s vibes back. As it is only right. I remember how I hated this material when I was younger and my parents were buying me corduroy pants all the time but of course I did not want to wear it. And now I am searching for a nice pair and I can not find it! Times have changed. On Pinterest I found some great stylings of the material. Especially I love corduroy suits. But a nice corduroy jacket with shearling is also very close to my top favourites.

I hope to see more of corduroy clothing in stores soon. But until you can find some of the pieces below. Asos has some great pieces, a lot of sizes are out of stock but I they are restocking all the time and different sizes are poping up so it is worth checking every other day or so. My favourite piece of all is definitely H&M cord jacket. I ordered it the other day and I can’t wait to get it. It is very similar to Marc Jacobs F/W 2017 jacket so here is a duper for that, click below! There is also one nice store with everything corduroy- which I love- The Cords! And I will do a look with them soon, keep checking!



corduroy coat (Marc Jacobs dupe)- here
black corduroy pants- here
corduroy blazer- here
nude corduroy jacket- here
pink corduroy jacket- here
corduroy dungarees- here
black corduroy jacket- here

a lot of corduroy clothing you can find here- The Cords