Want to recreate Stranger things outfits? This is how

Obsessed with Stranger things outfits? Me too! Obsessed is not even the right word. I love it so much that I made a video with my take on the series fashion. Kimberly Adams, Malgosia Turzanska and Kim Wilcox were the costume designers for season 1 and 2 and they brought 90s back for sure. Apart from the story my need to watch Stranger things also grew because of the fashion. This series really has my dream wardrobe. From ultra denim Billy looks to cool Steve Harrington basics. Best thing is the Stranger things outfits in series don’t look awkward as they do in some old movies. They look so wearable and something you can wear now- and look cool AF meanwhile. Anyway- take a look, let me know what you think! You can find all outfits details on Youtube in DESCRIPTION BOX.

It took a while to make this video after we made a first one (WATCH IT HERE- click) but this one was way more fun. First one was to learn some ultimate basics, in the second one I was playing with how to make everything from scratch- locations, lighting, camera positions, transitions and mostly- editing. I already can’t wait to make the third one.





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