Off-white and what the hell is this brand doing?!

I am positive you have seen all over social media all these strange yellow belts that hang almost to the ground. Ever wondered what was that all about? Well Off-white made a statement with them and it made them famous af. I have to admit, I was like is there a construction going on somewhere. Obviously not! And then I checked some of their other clothing and o-m-g, every denim lover dreams! Every minimal lover dreams too! The basic colours, vintage looking denim, minimalistic bags with that construction details… must have! Must have if you have the money, that is. Prices go high but you can probably save for a t-shirt if you really want. If you really really want. And I for sure want some Off-white.




jacket- here; white boots- here; Sculpture bag- here
leather jacket- here; orange belt- here

scarf- here; bag- here
t-shirt- here; jeans- here; hoodie- here

bustier top- here; denim shorts- here
white bag- here; dungarees- here

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