slovenian in paris

Hi blog, it has been a while! In between travelling and getting inspired to create more and better I took a break from blogging but now I’m back! My favourite trip has been to Paris once again- of course. I left my camera at home and only took pics with phone. I absolutely love it and the result! So here is my first look which was definitely my favourite of them all. I have been searching for a white silk skirt for a while and by coincidence found it in Zara on my trip to Croatia. Last piece, too large for me but I could fix the waist size. Fits like a glove! Before this trip I got inspired by beautiful parisian style and tried to incorporate some in my outfits.

Visited Louvre museum here and took some photos, I hope they inspire you as Louvre inspired my heart.

skirt- Zara (here or here)
sandals- H&M Trend (here or here)
t-shirt- here
bag- Melimelo (here)
watch- Cluse
jewellery- here