so… this is Ribcage

Have you heard of the new popular denim model Ribcage by Levi’s and you are wondering what the heck are those? Well I was too. I was not fond of them when I saw them online. But in summer I tried on a similar model of Zara pants, totally by accident, and I fell in love quite honestly. At that time I figured it was about time I get myself the Levi’s Ribcage denim. What do I think? Definitely not for everyone! It takes a while to get used to flared denim since there are still so much of skinny jeans around and we are used to it. Also they are quite cropped and my favourite combination in colder days is definitely with high ankle boots. In summer I can’t wait to pair them with a pair of heeled sandals. Dreamy!



blazer- oversized men blazer (here or here)
jeans- Levi’s Ribcage (here or here)
boots- Asos (here)
bodysuit- Zara (here)
bag- Mango

levi's ribcage jeans oversized blazer

levi's ribcage jeans