I recreated princess Diana’s outfit

Princess Diana was queen of wearing jeans and blazers. And sweatshirts and biker shorts. And dresses. And she did all that flawlessly! And it seems so funny to me that fashion from that time and all princess Diana outfits are on trend at the moment. To be honest that era is my favourite regarding the fashion. Blazers with padded shoulders, highwaisted mom jeans, canvas sneakers, oversized sweatshirts. All that! I found that beautiful Everlane The easy blazer online and it reminded me of one of princess Diana outfits. Scroll down to see it. I just had to recreate the whole look!


blazer- Everlane The easy blazer (here), i am wearing size 14
tshirt- here or here
jeans- Zara (here or here or here)
belt- here

princess diana outfits everlane easy blazer

How to dress like Princess Diana

oversized blazer and highwaisted jeans vintage style

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