just another levi’s outfit

Some trends really go under my skin and I just need to have them in my wardrobe. One of them are these chunky shoes. I remember seeing Louis Vuitton and Prada versions of them but I ain’t got no money for that. So here comes Zara with beautiful knock offs. With oversized blazer and some classic Levi’s jeans it looks quite an evergreen combination, wouldn’t you agree?



t-shirt- Organic basics (here; to get 10 % discount use code “VIDDOB”)
blazer- H&M Men (here or here)
jeans- Levi’s 501 (here or here or here)
shoes- Zara

chunky shoes outfit

oversized blazer

levi's 501 outfit

i got Brigitte Bardot french bangs

French bangs. Anything french – I want it! I have been trying to get those french bangs aka curtain bangs for a while but everytime I tried to do them I failed. But yesterday I saw this photo of the most beautiful Brigitte Bardot and her hairstyle was mesmerizing to me. In a sec I decided to cut my hair like her and I did it myself in the next hour. I also needed to wash my hair so it all worked out for me, lol. To be honest I just went in, it seemed easy. And in a second I had french bangs. I did not think it will look as alright as it does because I am no hairstylist, I don’t even style my hair properly. But I did it! What do you think? Check photo of Brigitte Bardot here.



french bangs

brigitte bardot hair

brigitte bardot hair

Wide jeans: Favourite trend of 2019

End of the 2019 is here! And here is the one trend that I never knew I will LOVE. Wide jeans. I wore the heck out of them on my trip to Paris and now in winter I love to wear them with high boots. I am quite tall and all of these jeans look cropped on me so I have to find a way to wear them without showing (and freezing off) my ankles. Also combining them with the one and only oversized blazer – another one of my favourite trends of 2019.


wide jeans – Everlane (here)
blazer- Everlane (here)
boots- Stradivarius (similar here)
bag- Mango (luxury version here)

wide jeans

wide jeans outfit

oversized blazer outfit

the right way to wear snake print

I always wear basics but this time i am so happy to show you something else. This snake print caught my eye in a second and I knew I have to wear it. Also I am pretty much obsessed with coordinated outfits. Skirt and coat that match? Sounds like heaven to me! This snake print outfit is the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe. Not to mention on how many different ways you can wear separate pieces. I can’t wait to wear this coat with jeans and white tee. Or the skirt with tee and black coat. Or denim jacket! The possibilities are endless.



coat- French connection (here)
skirt- French connestion (here)
t-shirt- here

snake print outfit

snake print style

snake print

how i wear beige blazer

You know that gorgeous beige blazer floating around social media? Well I fell into the trap and I am also loving that blazer. Itwas from & other stories and always sold out. So of course I had to track down the second best one there is. I found this beige blazer at Weekday and not only it looks so good, it also has a belt. Two in one! Love it. Paired with leather trousers looks chic af! These I found at Zara Black friday sale and unfortunately I can not track them down anymore but they have lots of other leather trousers that looks good. Also love how you can wear this look with heels or a pair of Dr Martens or sneakers. All is good!


blazer- Weekday (here or here or here)
tshirt- here
pants-Zara (sold out, here or here)
boots- Asos (here)
bag- Parfois (here)
earrings- Daisy jewellery (here)

the perfect oversized suit that you need

One thing that is always welcome in a closet is definitely a beige suit. If it is oversize, I love it even more. I feel like this is such an essential piece, you can wear them with heels or sneakers – i just love them with sneakers for more casual look.



blazer- French Connection (here; 30% off with code BLACKOUT)
trousers- French Connection (here; 30% off with code BLACKOUT)
top- here
sneakers- Adidas
necklace- Oak & Luna (15% off with code KATARINA15)

camel suit

oak and luna jewellery

how to wear wide leg suit

One trend that I have really grown to love are definitely wide leg trousers. Wide leg jeans, wide leg trousers… i want them all! If they are long enought for me, I really love to combine them with chunky sneakers and oversized blazer. And this combo seems so chic and effortless at the same time. Really can’t go wrong with it.



wide leg trousers- Asos (here or here or here)
blazer- H&M Men (here or here)
sneakers- Adidas (here)
t-shirt- here or here

casual suit outfit

casual suit outfit

black suit outfit

chunky sneakers outfit