Full face of Estelle & Thild makeup. Should you get it?

Estelle & Thild have an amazing range of skincare and some of my favourite products that I use daily. So my next step was trying their makeup. When picking some items from their website I felt like a kid in a candy store. So many beautiful products and beautiful, minimal packaging! The one thing that stands out with that brand for me is definitely the fact that their products are organic, vegan and cruelty free. What more can you ask for? I picked a few items to do my full face and been using it for a while now. How did the Estelle & Thild makeup work out for me? Keep on reading.

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Tinted moisturiser

One of their latest launches it tinted moisturiser. Lately I have been using more light coverage foundations so I was super pumped to try Estelle & Thild one. I am using shade LIGHT (they also have medium and dark) and I would say it can work for a range of skin shades since it shears out quite a bit. It has the perfect amount of coverage for a nice natural every day look. After 8 hours of wearing it did not smear down, my skin didn’t get oily at all. Since I usually get oily on forehead and chin, this was definitely a plus. 

On the photo below you can see a comparison between their new tinted moisturiser, BioMineral foundation (super dark because I picked the wrong shade) and liquid illuminator.

estelle & thild makeup, natural makeup, best nude lipstick, creamy nude lipstick, tinted moisturizer, foundation shade, light tinted moisturizer, liquid illuminator, biominedal healthy gloq foundation shade 123

From left to right: Estelle & Thild Tinted moisturizer in LIGHT; BioMineral foundation in 123; Liquid illuminator


Ahhhhh, lipsticks. I have so many lipsticks of different brands but none of them are like Estelle & Thild one. My lips are super chapped all the time and usually lipsticks enhance it. What I love about Estelle & Thild lipsticks are how extremely creamy they are. Like butter! They glide on lips so smoothly, they feel really soft and nourishing. Absolutely perfect feeling. Also they are quite long wearing but of course not as liquid lipstick so you need to reapply more often. One thing that is a disadvantage of such creamy lipsticks is the fact that they can break easily if you roll out too much of it so keep this in mind when using it.

On the photo I am wearing shade DUSTY BEIGE which is stunning brownish nude.

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Eyeshadow stack 

I picked their eyeshadow stack to basically use it all over my face. As an eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlight. It worked out perfectly except for the bronzer since the brownish shade in the stack is more purple in real life. Anyway I enjoyed the eyeshadows a lot. They are soft, semi pigmented and they blend out like a dream. Only thing I wished is that they would come in a full palette for easier use but that aside the powders are great and I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for multi purpose powders.

estelle & thild eyeshadow, natural makeup eyeshadow palette, organic makeup

Liquid illuminator

When I first opened the Estelle & Thild liquid illuminator in shade light I was shocked at how dark it is. But luckily it shears out to the point where the shade is not visible so much. I used it as a primer and later I topped a bit on on my cheeks as a highlighter. It does not feel heavy on the skin and it gives a subtle glow which is perfect for a natural look.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my short review as much as I enjoyed using Estelle & Thild makeup. Don’t miss my review of their skincare HERE.

Summer Fridays lip butter balm. Is it really THAT good?

Ahhh, the endless selection of lip balms. Since forever I have been on a hunt for the perfect one. The one that would transform my lips and make them super soft, without cracks and that they would finally stop being chapped. My lips are literally the driest on all the land, no matter how much water I drink during the day, no matter if I use hydrogel mask on them every evening, nothing actually made a long term difference. I have tried so many lip balms, I stopped counting. One of my latest favourites was Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm Lip Treatment. It is quite good, amazing consistency but it did not work wonders for my lips.

Since Summer Fridays lip butter balm came out I have been reading raving reviews and how good it really is. Almost every review is shining. So as the lip balm hoarder as I am I had to get it. I bought it about a month ago and I have been using it ever since. But the question is – is it really THAT good? Let’s see…

Buy Summer Fridays butter balm on Sephora, Net-a-porter, Cult Beauty or Revolve.

summer fridays lip butter balm review, consistency

Packaging looks good but…

The packaging is a bit inconvenient. For 19.50 pounds  (I bought it on Cult Beauty) there could definitely be a proper packaging. Yes, it looks good on photos and is totally instagramamble. When I first opened it I squeezed it just a bit and a flood of balm came out so I had to get a small empty container to store a bit there. Also the mouth of the tube is metal so if you put it directly on your lips, it can hurt you. I need to put a bit on my finger and then on my lips if I want to use it which is inconvenient when you are on the go. For that price I expected  bit more, unfortunately.

It’s the insides that matter.

Apart of the packaging here are a few points about Summer Fridays lip butter balm. The consistency is quite thick and it sticks together. I felt like it will be like this on the lips too but it actually glazes over the lips super nicely and it is not sticky at all. Lips feel soft immediately. It also feels amazing as an overnight lip mask if you put a bit more on. Apart from that I feel it vanishes from the lips quite soon so I need to reapply quite quick.

summer fridays lip butter balm review, consistency

So, is it really that good?

I am quite torn about the Summer Fridays lip butter balm. If it would be a bi cheaper I would say yes, go for it because it feels great on the lips. But for 19.50 pounds I expected a bit more and after reading all the reviews I was convinced it is a miracle in a tube. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very good balm. But I don’t think I will repurchase.

Buy Summer Fridays butter balm on Sephora, Net-a-porter, Cult Beauty or Revolve.

summer fridays lip butter balm review, consistency

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Best winter boots for 2021

Every year I am on a mission to find the perfect winter boots that will last for seasons to come. This next shoe brand is one of the hottest brands I have discovered this year. Vamsko is such a breath of fresh air for me! This is one of the reasons I love Instagram, you find so many new brands and people doing amazing things! I always felt that in Slovenia we get offered the same brands on media and in physical stores all the time. So it is good to peek outside this once in a while and get something different.

So what I love about Vamsko is the classic shape of different winter boots and sneakers but at the same time they have a bit of edge to it. Apart from that the quality seems truly good. I have three pairs that I fell in love with- Freja, Maia and SoWhat boot. Maia is the trendiest pair at the moment and it is a must have. SoWhat boots are the most perfect for every day walks with the dog – in my head at least! And then there is Maia boot. I fell in love with it!  My absolute favourite of them all and if you want only one then this is what I would reccommend. 



One thing I was struggling to find is the info about the shoes being true to size so I am adding my thoughts about that. All boots are actually true to size. I opted for a size larger than usual because I am sometimes in between sizes but it was unnecessary. Since they are winter boots I usually wear thick sock with any boots anyway so it is not a problem for me. Also they don’t look huge as some other boots do.


Yes, Vamsko boots are on a pricier side. But you will have them and wear them for years to come. To make things easier they got me a promo code for you. With code KATARINA you get 20 % off everything (This is not affiliate code). It is valid until 10.1.2021, so hurry up.

Lace up boots – Freja
High boots – Maia
Ankle boots – SoWhat

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vamsko boots, vamsko maia boots, best winter boots, shoe trends 2021

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How to wear wide leather pants

One of my favourite trends this season are wide leather pants. So after searching for the perfect pair I finally found them on House of CB and they are the most perfect fitting ever. Even the length is amazing for those who are a bit taller. Absolutely love them! My favourite combintion is with long black coat and simple white tee. I would wear this one below with white sneakers and that’s it.



trousers- House of CB (here)
coat- Zara (old, similar here or here
t-shirt- Sézane (here)

wide leather pants outfit, trousers, minimal black outfit, sezane t-shirt

wide leather pants outfit, trousers, minimal black outfit, sezane t-shirt

I styled French Connection fall/winter clothing

There is no secret that I have been wearing French connection brand for a while now and I am super happy to style their newest fall/winter pieces. They have that perfect combination of trendy and classic style. I love that they never go in full trend mood and that they just stick with their version. I usually prefer French connection basic pieces because you will literally keep them in your closet for seasons to come. Classic closet staples are the best investment. Some of my favourites you can see below.



black blazer- Alia (here)
Cashmere jumper- Jeanie (here)
Classic black coat- Amalia (here)
leather jacket- Rada (here)

100 % cashmere turtleneck jumper, french connection jumper

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french connection blazer, black blazer outfit

classic black coat outfit, french connection coat

my H&M haul in october

H&M is having such great pieces in store at the moment. I went to H&M store in BTC, Ljubljana to get some basics for fall and winter. I ended up with best pieces that are so versatile and I can basically match them together. My favourite is definitely the grey jogger set. Top is actually from men section. I always love to take a peek at the men clothing because I want to get oversize clothing to feel ekstra cozy. This men top is actually colour matching the bottoms perfectly. This set and black coat will be my go to look this winter for sureeee.


joggers- H&M (here)
sweatshirt- H&M men (here)
coat- H&M (black here and beige here)
knit- H&M (here)

basic black turtleneck outfit, h&m haul, hm haul, clothing haul

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Parisian style sweater that you need

Another Sézane sweater up here. I have been loving their brand and their clothing so much. They represent the ultimate parisian style to me. They are super cozy and warm, amazing quality. I already review one of their sweater, check it HERE. I also got their basic t-shirt and if you are looking for a great quality basic tee, for sure check them out. Material is 100 % cotton and feels really great on the skin. I have been avoiding those stretchy tees for the past years and I only opt for cotton ones so it is always nice to find a new one that fits my needs. But back to the outfit. I paired the Sézane Léon jumper with my new Amendi jeans. I discovered the brand a while ago and I was super happy to try out some of their clothing. These jeans are on top of my list. Love them! I feel a nice classic pair of jeans is the basic piece of a good parisian style closet.



jumper- Sézane Léon sweater (here)
tee that I was mentioning- Sézane Gaspard t-shirt ( here)
jeans- Amendi (here)

sezane leon jumper minimal style, denim outfit, amendi jeans, parisian style, parisian outfit

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