What is trendy right now?

A little something about current trends through my eyes! Trends are so IN one day and the next day… gone baby gone. I am sure some of these will be out in one month or so but since we live in a world of fast fashion the trendy piece that you might buy today will come back in two years and in that time you will be the first one to rock it on the streets because you will own it already! Oh, the perks.
So lets start with fishnet stockings because you probably know about them and they are everywhere. Next we have some velvet boots which are not so good for winter but not judging whatsoever. Then here is a nice oversized sweater along with dope oversized shirt which you can borrow from your fathers closet too btw. Tip- you can layer them quite nicely for a good minimal effect. Then we have a patent leather skirt or better pants! I could not find the pants anywhere so skirt will do. And the last is padded jacket! Who knew they will be all over Pinterest. Dope huh? I got mine from H&M and it was sold out online really fast but luckily they had it in one of the stores. But hey, maybe you should just grab your old one, everyone has it.

Fall picks: Oversized knit.

Colder days equals warm chunky knits. I am reviving my closet right now and I found a bunch of awesome sweaters at H&M. Their premium collection is basically new to me because they don’t really sell it at stores in our country and they started shipping to our country just a few months ago. So their jumpers look so great, I want them all. Actually I ordered one from their premium collection and just waiting to arrive so I really see the material up close. Gotta check if it is worth the money before you get any other! Check below for some of my favourites.

1-here, 2- here, 3- here, 4- here, 5- here, 6- here