How to wear wide leg jeans

Loooong time, no blogging! Ahh, these weeks after our trip were so exhausting, so many changes, so much to do. And I admit, I have been cheating on fashion with makeup. If you have not noticed, I started my sub-blog with my favorite beauty products. Make sure to check it out HERE. Anyway, a while back I got some new jeans from Long Tall Sally and let me tell ya, I love wide leg jeans at the moment! I wrote about them before but still… if you are tall (like me), check them out! It is so good to have a store that caters to us, long legged girls. It is always a struggle to find long enough jeans in any shape and form you want… Of course I had to pair them with an all time favorite closet piece: white tee. Never enough of them! I linked this one below. It is a good one!



tee- Long Tall Sally (here)
jeans- Long Tall Sally (here)
jacket- Levi’s men vintage (here)
bag- Meli Melo (here)
sneakers- here or here

Meghan Markle inspired me to wear halterneck dress

Today is sadly the last day of my wonderful France – Monaco – Italy vacation. I had such a beautiful time. Never have I visited 3 countries in such a short amount of time. Before my trip I went to Zara to grab some nice dresses and this black one was a total win! Light material, perfect fit, really flattering… halterneck dress can really be a game changer in your closet. You can wear it dressed down or up. I really fell in love with halterneck dresses when I saw the second wedding dress by Meghan Markle. I mean…. dreamy dress!



dress- Zara (here or here)
rattan bag- Zara (here or here)
sandals- Asos (or here or here)
hair colour- L’oreal Colorista in Dirty pink (here or here)

How I style pink hair

Finally my vacation has started! First stop: Milano! We always see those insta photos in front of the cathedral and it really is beautiful. Photos does not do it justice! This day it was so hot, I thought I will pass out. My denim dress was quite a good choice for that weather. I was eyeing it for a while on Zara and decided to grab it for my trip. I thought it will go nicely with my new pink hair! It is a wash out but I reeeally like it. I used the Loreal Colorista colour and it grabbed onto my very light locks easily… but not on my a bit darker blonde roots which is a shame.



dress- Zara (here)
shoes- Asos (sold out, another awesome pair here)
bag- H&M (similar here)
hair colour- Loreal Colorista (here)

Denim skirt trend in 2018

Finally! Levi’s skirt is here and live, part of my closet. In flood of vintage Levi’s skirt and sold out newer models I found this one which is actually perfect! Just the right amount of ripps and perfect light wash. It was worth the wait. The only thing that bothers me is that it is 100% cotton which is not quite good if you sit and move a lot because the skirt looses its shape. This is why I usually prefer skirts with a bit of elastane. Denim skirt is actually still IN in 2018 and the best part is that you can wear it with any single thing you want.



skirt- Levi’s (here or here or here or here)
blazer- H&M (here)
tee- Asos (here or here)
sandals- H&M Trend (similar here)
bag- Meli Melo (here)
sunglasses- here or here
watch- Kapten & Son

How to wear little black dress every day

Linen is absolutely best for summer! This light material allows more airflow and this is why it will keep you cool in hot weather. It also absorbs moisture so this is something you can look forward in those humid days. I found this popular linen blazer from Zara and absolutely had to pair it with my new, cute little black dress from Nidodileda. You have to check it out. They have this dress in more colours, it is so easy to wear, great for every day! This brand… is absolutely AMAZING! And I have another, very special outfit coming with them. So exciting. Something I have never done before and I am saving it for my trip that is coming very soon. Stay tuned! You will be amaaazed!




dress- Nidodileda (here)
blazer- Zara (similar here or here)
shoes- H&M Trend (similar here)
sunglasses- Ray-ban (here or here)
bag- H&M (here or here)
watch- Rosefield

Total ZARA outfit for minimalists

Zara has a lot of funny clothing and I really don’t purchase often at them. But I have been tracking down these white wide Zara pants for a while and of course I had to snatch them when they were on sale. They are the same as those famous mustard pants (check my Zara outfit with them HERE). The fit is perfect and they are just wide enough that it does not look like you escaped from the 90s. So I figured I will do a whole Zara outfit since I have all the new stuff from them. Including that amazing bag! It looks so different from other straw bags and another plus is that it is black. I love!



pants- Zara (similar in black here)
bag- Zara (or here)
tee- Zara (similar here or here)
sneakers- Jessica Buurman
sunglasses- here or here or here

How to wear a suit in 2018

Suits can be quite difficult to wear. But not in 2018! So many ways to pair them with the most comfortable shoes… even with socks.

In April I went to Venice, loved every minute and was totally fascinated by the beauty of this special city. I had to blend in a bit with Italian people so I brought my new striped suit (not that they were a lot of Italians in Venice but ok). When I travel I definitely take clothes that I think will pass the travel test. And this suit definitely did it.




suit- Vero moda (similar here or here)
tee- Asos (here)
sneakers- Superga (here)
bag- here or here