Classic black coat you need to own

Black Friday is coming up and it  seemed fitting to bring out my last year BF purchase. This classic black coat was a good investment last year. I always opt for ultimate basics that are usually a bit higher in price. Classic black coat is always a good idea and goes perfectly with everything. So if you don’t have any idea what to get this Black Friday, check out a selection of quality classic black coats that you will actually own for years ahead.




classic black coat- H&M Trend (here or here or here or here)
hat- ASOS (here)
jeans- Levi’s 501 skinny (here or here)
boots- Zara (here or here or here)
bag- here or here
t-shirt- Tadayo studio
watch- Daniel Wellington (here or here)

How to style oversized grey coat

I love fall simply because of all the coats and jackets and awesome layers. Nothing better! At the end of last season I got this REALLY nice grey coat and now it is finally cold enough to wear it. Grey coat is always my go to when I want to spice up my basic outfit in colder days. Black coat can really be boring sometimes! My favorite kind are always oversized coats. With skinny jeans and slim shirt your figure still looks amazing and the overly big coat does not swallow you in all its glory.



coat- Whiteless
white t-shirt- Tadayostudio
jeans- Levi’s 501 skinny (here or here or here)
sneakers- Converse (here)
sunglasses- Rayban (here)
bag- Sometime by Asian designers
watch- Rosefield
phone case- Richmond & Finch
(use code “katiquetteblog20 for 20% OFF); also here

Dress like Meghan Markle on a budget

I admit it- I am a Meghan Markle fan. More specifically- of her royal style! The duchess of Sussex has made a huge step forward in her style, keeping it classy but what I love the most- still fashionable and sassy. She makes style risks a lot of times which I find quite inspiring. Overall I have always been a fan of this classic British outfits and she has a perfect mixture of it with a touch of modern. Perfect for a modern princess!

Of course she is wearing those expensive clothing and I made it my mission to find the perfect pieced to mimic her outfits. Yes, you can have Meghan Markle style on a budget!


Asos dress (here); trench coat (here); stilettos (here)


wide leg trousers 1 (here); wide leg trousers 2 (here); turtleneck sweater (here); stilettos (here)


dress 1 (here); dress 2 (here); stilettos (here)


trousers (here); blazer (here); shirt (here); stilettos (here)


This outfit will make you buy patent boots

How to wear skirts in fall? Just put some jacket over it and pair it with ankle boots! Better yet patent boots! Problem solved. Some pantyhose help too. Often I feel that some outfits that consist of basic items look really…. boring. In that case I like to opt for a different pair of shoes. This time patent boots and let me tell you, I really felt confident wearing this look! 5 different materials in one outfit, perfectly balanced out. That’s what is it all about! A good old balance.



skirt- Verge girl (similar here or here)
jacket- Levi’s vintage trucker (here or here)
tee- ASOS  (here)
watch- Daniel Wellington
boots- Jessica Buurman

How to wear blazer with sneakers

Blazer with sneakers is one of my favorite combinations ever! I always loved different types of combos and this one was my most worn one. It kinda looks like you put some effort in it but at the same time it looks like you just threw whole outfit together. Just my vibe! Overall I think blazer sneakers outfit is such a contrasting thing to wear that it just look great together no matter which pattern or which color.



blazer- H&M (here or here or here)
jeans- ASOS (here or here)
bag- Camelia Roma
belt- ASOS (here)
tee- ASOS (here or here)
sneakers- Converse (here)
watch- Daniel Wellington

I am building my dream minimal apartment

I feel very blessed because  I am already building my dream apartment! Having a nice place to live in was always my dream and I am so excited that is already happening! Since Pinterest is a big source of inspiration I wanted to share some of my favourite inspo pics up here too. These are so minimal but still looks so lux! Totally in love with this kind of style. Follow my Pinterest board with AWESOME minimal apartment / house styles HERE.


A must have round bag

This bag… I always wanted a good wooden round bag. And here it is! It is from brand Paja and their selection of such bags is really nice. Very Instagram worthy to say the least! Paired with some good old classics so the bag gets its spotlight. Yes, I am all about a good balance!



bag- (here; use code KATI15 for 15% off)
blazer- Jacqueline de Yong (here or here)
jeans- Levi’s 501 Skinny (here or here)
tee- Asos (here or here)
sandals- similar here