The New Balance sneakers that you actually want

Have you also been on the hunt for the most perfect pair of chunky dad sneakers? Well I have. I wanted to get my hands on the iconic New Balance 530 but I had no luck. Or maybe it was luck because I stumbled upon the epic pair New Balance 452. How nice do they look? I love to pair them with sporty outfits, of course with white socks like a true 80 dad/80s sporty girl/ 2020 Instagram girl. Now I actually prefer the 452 pair to the 530 because they are easier to clean and I feel you can wear them during winter too because of the all leather look.


sneakers- New Balance 452 (here)
shorts- H&M (similar here or here)
jacket- Levi’s vintage (here or here)
socks- Adidas (here)

new balance chunky sneakers outfit, sporty and rich, sporty outfit

chunky dad sneakers, new balance 452

new balance chunky sneakers outfit, sporty and rich, sporty outfit

Good molecules review. Does it work?

Last time I wrote about my new found love for skincare, tested Estelle and Thild brand and I truly appreciated your positive feedback on it. You can read it HERE if you missed it. So today I have a new post up here and it is a Good molecules review. I never heard of it before so I was eager to try it. Firstly, because they have an amazing selection of serums (I am quite obsessed with serums) and secondly, the prices. I am a sucker for a good skincare for good price.

The Ordinary, La Roche Posay, Estelle and Thild serums have been a part of my skincare routine for a while. I have added the Good molecules ones about two months ago. I wanted to test them out before I write anything because skin takes a bit before the effects of skincare truly show. What I tested and I am still using are 4 serums – Hyaluronic acid, Discoloration correcting serum, Super peptide serum and Daily brightening serum. Read further for my ultimate Good molecules review.

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4 serums that are worth trying

Hyaluronic acid serum (click).  I have been using hyaluronic acid for a long time now so I have quite a good idea of how my skin should feel after it. The Good molecules Hyaluronic acid is pretty comparable to what I had before (I was using The Ordinary one) and I also want to point out that the price is only 6 dollars. I use it right after cleansing in the evening (sometimes also in the morning) and my skin instantly feels soft and hydrated, not dried out. My skin usually got flaky no matter what cream I used and since hyaluronic acid this issue has somehow stopped.

Super peptide serum (click). I read a lot about the anti ageing effects of peptide serums so it was about time for me to incorporate a bit of it in my daily skin care routine. I use Super peptide serum in the evening and since using it I feel my skin reacted to it pretty well and it feels good, hydrated and soft.

Their Daily brightening serum (click) I use in the morning after cleanse and in the evening too. It also consists of hyaluronic acid so it feels like a hydrator and brightener in one. Currently I only use this one and no hyaluronic acid because it feels the same. I have some recent acne scars that I need to brighten and overall I felt my skin was a bit dull looking and I must say that Daily brightening serum really impressed me. I am even thinking to ditch hyaluronic and use this one all the time, it is so good. And for the best price also!

The best serum by Good molecules is…

Discoloration correcting serum (click) comes last because it is my ultimate favourite one of them all. Since young age I had a lot of acne on the backside of my arms. Of course I picked them all, duuuh! And over the years this piled up and I ended up with some bad scars and discoloration. I felt and still feel super embarrassed about it but it is what it is. I tried The Ordinary vitamin C cream to lighten them but it did not work so so efficiently for me. So I gave the Good molecules Discoloration correcting serum a try. It couldn’t hurt, right?

I started noticing very first effects in the first week of use. It truly helped with fading of the lighter discolorations. Since I had these scars for years I know the deeper ones won’t just disappear overnight so I will keep using the serum and keep you updated. I have been using the serum on scars in combination with daily scrub with cloth under shower. This combination also reduced the appearance of new acne. Freaking love it!

Also need to mention that I have been using the discoloraition correcting serum in the evening after cleanse on my face since I have some new acne scars. I have been using it in combination with brightening serum and it is a total bomb, truly love how fast my scars are fading. Definitely recommend!

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What about their new eye gel?

I have also tried their newest Yerba Mate Wake Up Eye Gel (here). I am pretty sceptic about eye creams but there is one thing that I instantly loved about this one. The cold feeling I get under my eyes after I have had it on my refrigerator it is just the best. Wakes me up instantly! The only negative tthing for me about it is that it takes forever to dry down, it feels sticky for a long time.

Let me know if you enjoyed my Good molecules review and which of their products should I try next.


How to wear blazer with joggers

Quarantine definitely brought some cool outfits in sight, one of them is this amazing combination of blazer and joggers. The ultimate zoom meeting outfit or maybe when you want to be ultra cozy but still presentable. Ahhh, my favourite style. I had this outfit in mind for a while and just had to try to pair this beautiful Everlane blazer with all an white outfit underneath. I am especially fond of the colour combination. Also during quarantine I fell in love with many joggers outfits so I quite enlarged my joggers collection.


blazer- Everlane (here)
tshirt- Everlane (here)
joggers- Asos (here or here)
sneakers- New Balance 452 (here or here or here)

blazer with sneakers, everlane easy blazer, trainers blazer outfit, joggers blazer style, new balance 452

blazer with sneakers, everlane easy blazer, trainers blazer outfit, joggers blazer style

blazer with sneakers, everlane easy blazer, trainers blazer outfit, joggers blazer style, new balance 452

I tried Estelle and Thild. Is it worth it?

This is exciting! I have never reviewed any cosmetics up here but that does not mean I am not into it. On the contrary! I’ve been into makeup for past couple of years, but only started with in depth skincare about a year and a half ago. Since I started doing that my skin improved massively. Apart from a couple of food supplements, I started playing and testing a bunch of serums, creams and techniques from different brands. And currently I am using Estelle and Thild organic beauty.

Before I start using any new skincare I always make sure to check ingredients and consistency of products. Because if I get wrong ones my pores clog reeeeally fast. My skin type? Most part of the year I have combination skin type but in winter I can have really dry and flakey skin. A couple of years ago I was always getting breakouts etc. and since I started to cleanse and take care of my skin properly everything changed. Also I might mention that I have quite sensitive skin.

These are the products that I have been using

Here are a couple of Estelle and Thild products that I have been using. I start with Multi action cleansing gel (click). I find it very gentle, after use my skin is soft and I don’t have the feeling of it strip down my skin of natural oils as some of the cleansers do. Absolutely loving it. Then I use Biocleanse eye makeup remover (click). I use waterproof mascara and to be honest, this one did not get rid of it all. I was hoping it would since it is dual phase but unfortunately it is not oily enough to remove it completely.

The BioTreat Facial Detox Duo (click) was something I was eager to try. I just looove face masks and scrubs. The BioTreat Radiance Micro Polish (scrub) consists of very tiny crystals and I never had a scrub like it. Crystals are really small, I was quite surprised about it. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet but I will get back here after I use it a few more times. Now onto my two favourite products. The BioTreat Detox Mask is so soft and hydrating, my skin felt great after using it. It has cream consistency, feels like it goes right into the skin.

Thirst Relief Serum (click) is the one thing that I fell absolutely in love with. I use it before moisturiser and with this one I finally got that perfect shine on my skin without it being oily. My experiences with similar serums are mostly them sitting on my skin and after half an hour my face getting all oily. I love the feeling of true hydration with Estelle and Thild serum. Also makeup looks so nice after!

My experience with their new cream for cold weather

Ultra Rich Repair Cream (click) is the latest Estelle and Thild product that I tried. During cold months my skin gets super dry and flakey, especially on my nose. Because of that I was looking forward of trying their newest cream. It is quite thick in structure, somehow comparable to the original Nivea cream.

It spreads on the skin fast which is one thing that I love about it. Because of the thicker consistency you can feel it on skin for longer which I love when I am wearing makeup and I am out on cold a lot. But on days without makeup I prefer the cream that absorbs quicker specifically because my pores tend to get clogged fast. Overall I am positively surprised about the Ultra Rich Repair Cream and would recommend it for cold weather months or if your skin is super dry.

So here it is! Short but I hope helpful.

estelle and thild organic beauty review makeup cosmetics

estelle and thild thirst relief serum review test

estelle and thild organic beauty review makeup cosmetics

estelle and thild, estelle and thild rich cream, ultra rich repair cream review, sephora skincare

Products were gifted, post is not sponsored.

I recreated princess Diana’s outfit

Princess Diana was queen of wearing jeans and blazers. And sweatshirts and biker shorts. And dresses. And she did all that flawlessly! And it seems so funny to me that fashion from that time and all princess Diana outfits are on trend at the moment. To be honest that era is my favourite regarding the fashion. Blazers with padded shoulders, highwaisted mom jeans, canvas sneakers, oversized sweatshirts. All that! I found that beautiful Everlane The easy blazer online and it reminded me of one of princess Diana outfits. Scroll down to see it. I just had to recreate the whole look!


blazer- Everlane The easy blazer (here), i am wearing size 14
tshirt- here or here
jeans- Zara (here or here or here)
belt- here

princess diana outfits everlane easy blazer

How to dress like Princess Diana

oversized blazer and highwaisted jeans vintage style

Don’t forget to check my other blazer outfit, click here.

Parisian outfit in a minimal way

You know I love Parisian style but I also love minimal outfits. And sometimes I love to do my best to combine them to get my kind of parisian outfit. This is another one of the prettiest Sézane cardigans that are the must have in any Parisian inspired wardrobes. So soft and easy. I find it so flattering with simple jeans and a pair of golden hoops. Sometimes the most flattering pieces are just the simple ones! Check the other Sézane cardigan here.


cardigan- Sézane (here)
jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage (here)
jewellery- here or here

parisian outfit style levi's sezane cardigan gaspard jumper

sezane jumper cardigan and vintage levi's jeans

parisian outfit style levi's sezane cardigan gaspard jumper

Most wanted Sézane hoodie

Back at it with some good old double denim outfit and this time with super cozy hoodie from Sézane. I have fallen in love with this french brand because of its unique oh so Parisian clothing. And this hoodie stood out a lot because it is so basic. You see, even parisians wear super cozy basics like this Sézane hoodie. But of course with a twist. It is boxy so it fits perfectly also when you dress up. I wanted really oversized look so I went with size L. But I am also very tall so maybe go just one size larger than usual to get that oversized look. Also it just the perfect length. Definitely a must have in any closet.


hoodie- Sézane (here)
jacket- Levi’s vintage men (here or here)
jeans- Levi’s 501
sneakers- Vans

sezane pacey sweatshirt grey oversized hoodie

sezane pacey sweatshirt grey oversized hoodie levi's 501 skinny jeans vintage jacket

sezane pacey sweatshirt grey oversized hoodie levi's 501 skinny jeans vintage jacket outfit

sezane pacey sweatshirt grey oversized hoodie levi's 501 skinny jeans vintage jacket outfit vans old skool