slovenian in paris

Hi blog, it has been a while! In between travelling and getting inspired to create more and better I took a break from blogging but now I’m back! My favourite trip has been to Paris once again- of course. I left my camera at home and only took pics with phone. I absolutely love it and the result! So here is my first look which was definitely my favourite of them all. I have been searching for a white silk skirt for a while and by coincidence found it in Zara on my trip to Croatia. Last piece, too large for me but I could fix the waist size. Fits like a glove! Before this trip I got inspired by beautiful parisian style and tried to incorporate some in my outfits.

Visited Louvre museum here and took some photos, I hope they inspire you as Louvre inspired my heart.

skirt- Zara (here or here)
sandals- H&M Trend (here or here)
t-shirt- here
bag- Melimelo (here)
watch- Cluse
jewellery- here

The tiniest sandals

Warmer weather is coming through! Best part? Wearing tiny sandals and this denim skirt. Tiny sandals still have my attention, I can not get enough  of them. I even got them in this nude colour. H&M really is stepping up their game lately. I especially enjoy the fact that the heels that a lot of stores are selling don’t have huge heel but only a few cm high which means even I can wear it and feel confident. Ahh, I was always so ashamed of my height when I was younger, I did not want to wear even the slightest heel. But now I feel the most confident in a bit of heel. How life changes!



jacket- Levi’s vintage (here or here or here)
skirt- Levi’s (here or here or here)
sandals- H&M (sold out, similar here or here)
bag- MeliMelo (here)

double denim outfit

levi's skirt

strapp sandals outfut

levi's jacket

How to wear oversized clothing

One thing I am really into currently are oversized clothing, meaning men clothing. Men blazer, oversized jeans… want it all! Throw in some trendy tiny sandals and everything falls into place. Love a good balance! But the hardest part is to find a good one and figure out the size if you are buying it online. I got this one from H&M and it is the best find ever! Usually men blazers are kinda heavy but this one is soft and lightweight, totally diggin it.



jeans- Levi’s 501 vintage (here or here)
blazer- H&M men (here or here)
t-shirt- Long Tall Sally (here)
sandals- Zara (similar here or here)
bag- Sometime by Asian designers

Minimal way to wear white boots

After all this time white boots are still my number one shoes! I just can’t get enough. I always wear basics and with white boots I elevate the outfit by million! These are really soft ones but the brand does not exist anymore unfortunately. But I just got another pair from Mango, I have been really loving their stuff lately. Check it below, you will fell in love!


boots- Shoes of Prey (similar here or here)
jeans- Levi’s 501 (here or here or here)
sweater- Zara (here or here)
bag- Mango- (here or here)

Minimalist trend: strappy sandals

Spring weather calls for strappy sandals! One trend I fell in love with are definitely these small sandals with really thin straps. Pairing them with enormous blazers is my favourite thing to pair them with. Playing with contrats in sizing when puting together an outfit is so fun!

About strappy sandals, these are from Zara and qute frankly they are so similar to that The Row sandals. They have the most amazing shoes ever. But until the money comes in, check below for some of the more affordable strappy sandals.



checked coat– H&M (here or here or here)
t-shirt– Long Tall Sally
jeans– Long Tall Sally
sandals– Zara (here or here)
original sandals– The Row (here or here)
bag– Mango (sold out, similar here or here)
watch– Daniel Wellington (use code ‘katiquetteDW’ for 15% OFF)